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SynMed XF

Take your first step to implementing automation in your pharmacy with the popular SynMed XF. Our longest-running design, the XF is equipped with reliable pick-and-place technology and can be used in retail and LTC environments.


Our latest iteration of SynMed technology, the ULTRA, sets the global industry standard for pharmacy automation for both single and multi-dose blister cards. Designed for high-volume pharmacy environments, yet with a minimal footprint.

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SynMed Assist

SynMed Assist

Used in conjunction with our automation to securely position exception medications, SMA can also be a stand-alone guidance system to make the manual filling of blister cards more efficient and more secure.

SynMed® Check

An automated verification system to capture all types of potential errors, both robotic and human, that could occur when using SynMed automation to produce blister cards.

SynMed® Hybrid

One automation system for both pouches and blisters is possible with SynMed Hybrid technology. Enjoy freedom of choice with the adherence packaging offerings in your pharmacy without having to buy costly additional automation.

Our solutions provide competitive advantages to rapidly implement blister card automation