Blister Card

Our technology’s flexibility in terms of blister card brand compatibility is a core differentiator of our product offering from other similar technologies on the market — SynMed systems are compatible with over 30+ different types of blister cards. Most often, pharmacy automation solutions are compatible with a proprietary consumable product. SynMed technology offers unrivaled flexibility to independent pharmacists, and an investment in a SynMed pharmacy automation system means your patients get access to the best blister card manufacturers and the solutions they offer.

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Omnicell Blister Cards

Our Multimed Adherence Packaging partner Omnicell the founder of SureMed® Adherence Blister Cards. Made in the U.S.A, SureMed cards are loved by independent pharmacies who understand and value the impact of visual branding — the cards are fully customizable with your pharmacy’s logo, brand colours, and other aspects. In 2018, the STOMPP Study showed that SureMed® by Omnicell multi-med adherence blister cards had a significant impact on patient medication regimen adherence and positive clinical outcomes when used as part of a comprehensive pharmacy care program.

Dispill Blister Cards

Dispill, a long-time packaging partner of ours, offers a multi-dose packaging solution that helps improve patient adherence. Dispill® has been in business in our hometown of Quebec for over 25 years and is renowned for its dedicated pharmacy support team.  Their line of blister cards includes 28 cell or 32 cell options, and their colour-coded labels are among the most customizable with the SynMed software.

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Medicine-On-Time Blister Cards

Medicine-On-Time is an industry pioneer of multi-dose blister cards. They’ve been manufacturing these products for over 30 years, and independent pharmacies using their products have the unique option of unlimited format possibilities for any patient in any care setting. Pharmacies love their MOT complete compliance packaging, which can be prepared in either a weekly or monthly format and is fully colour-coded.

Drug Package Blister Cards

Drug Package, LLC offers both single dose and multi-dose medication cards. Drug Package’s products are known for being economical, easy to fill, and available in a variety of sizes. With a central U.S. manufacturing facility, United States-based customers also enjoy quick turnaround time on their supply orders.

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Jones Blister Cards

Trusted for over 100 years, Jones Healthcare Group is known for the reliability of their supply chain — they boast a fulfilment rate of 98% of orders on-time and in-full. With numerous multi-dose blister card options, their offering can be made to suit almost any pharmacy environment. A proud Canadian company whose products are distributed in the USA by Pharmacy Automation Supplies (PAS).

Rx Systems Blister Cards

Rx Systems, Inc. has been a top choice among pharmacies in the United States for blister cards for the last 40 years. Their product is Made in America and they have multiple distribution centres across the United States, allowing for quick turnaround times on orders – a must for independent pharmacies. Their SynMed single dose cards are sold in two components packaged separately – fronts and backs. Each bingo card Front comes with an attached blister, while the Back of the card is sold separately and includes a removable liner that protects the adhesive. Their blister cards are available in multiple sizes and are very user-friendly.

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Pharmacy Automation Supplies Blister Cards

Considered a pioneer in healthcare supplies, for over 100 years PAS has provided labelling and packaging solutions for the healthcare industry. They offer a wide variety of blister cards for pharmacy environments utilizing automation, including Jones Healthcare products.  PAS offers customization and free freight on volume orders; they have a solution for every patient. 

EcoloPharm Blister Cards

Founded in 2009, EcoloPharm stays true to their name by offering the only ecodesigned compliance packaging that is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Their products are made with polypropylene (non-toxic), are completely recyclable, do not contain PVC, and even their adhesive labels are made from 100% recycled paper. If “going green” is one of your business goals in 2021, EcoloPharm is the packaging choice for you.

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DistriMedic Blister Cards

Used by over 400 pharmacies since their inception in 2006, DistriMedic of Canada specifically caters to long-term care facility environments. With large, detachable cups, resealable glue options, special organization tools for LTC facilities, and an economical pricing structure, DistriMedic is an excellent packaging choice for LTC facilities.