Long-Term Care (LTC) Pharmacies

SynMed technology is ideal for pharmacies serving LTC facilities. Our systems are equipped to handle high-volume bingo card environments and different filling methodologies like on-demand, batching, and cycle fill. SynMed systems interface with all pharmacy software systems including HL7 functionality.  

LTC pharmacies are businesses specifically designed to serve patients residing in long-term care facilities. In the past, locations such as assisted living facilities, adult group homes, or correctional facilities relied on traditional retail pharmacies to fill and manage medications for their residents. This model required an employee of the facility to physically leave and pick up resident medications on a specific cadence, leaving little room for medication or other changes. More and more, LTCs are turning to closed-door pharmacies with automation capabilities that serve the LTC community exclusively.


This model is ideal for group living situations where many residents are on extensive, complex medication regimens as it:

  • Provides additional medication experts (pharmacists), thereby improving patient care and outcomes
  • Provides much needed off-site manpower to handle medication changes and other time-consuming tasks
  • Increases adherence among the patient base
  • Decreases error rate on the part of facility staff
  • Frees up staff time from managing medications and doing pharmacy runs to perform other operational needs

How SynMed Automation Benefits LTC Pharmacies

LTC pharmacies have much to gain from on-site pharmacy automation for their business. By investing in SynMed technology, your pharmacy will enjoy benefits such as:

Increased Accuracy and Efficiency

Produce adherence packs 5 to 15x faster than manual production.

Software parameters and barcode scanning ensure that SynMed never picks the wrong drug.

Improved Pharmacy Workflow

Investing in SynMed automation means improved workflow across the board for your LTC pharmacy environment. Our technology eliminates medication waste, improves facility delivery processes, eases the complexity of mid-cycle med changes, and even streamlines your monthly billing process.

Pharmacy Scalability

With increased accuracy, increased efficiency, and greatly improved workflow, your pharmacy will be poised to grow safely without needing to add costly labour. Setting the groundwork for scalability is a critical step to growing your pharmacy business safely. With automation on-site, you can safely take on additional, larger LTC facilities as customers without any drop in quality or accuracy.

Addition of Revenue-Generation Opportunities 

One of the greatest benefits of pharmacy automation is its ability to free up the time of pharmacy staff. By reducing their manual fill labour load, your staff will have time to provide additional clinical services which generate revenue for your business. Examples include:

  • Vaccination offerings on medication delivery day
  • Complex disease state counselling (such as for Diabetes)
  • Medication counselling
  • Value-add services to increase client retention and satisfaction, such as yoga instruction and other wellness activities for residents of the LTC facility.

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