Why SynMed®?

Grow Safely with SynMed®

SynMed® is an automated system for preparing and dispensing solid oral medications in blister cards (pill organizers). SynMed® offers a complete range of functions that provide many competitive advantages.


SynMed® Benefits


SynMed® Technology

Grow Safely with SynMed®

SynMed® is an automated system for preparing and dispensing solid oral medications in blister cards. SynMed®‘s specific functionalities provide many competitive advantages that let you rapidly implement blister card automation.
Dispensing medications in blister cards will provide your customers with a safe, personalized way of taking their medications. Imagine the simplicity of receiving your medications grouped by dosing time and day of the week!



SynMed®’s Functionalities

SynMed® Software

  • A user-friendly interface for the operators;
  • Produces multiple cards of various brands and formats;
  • Generates multiple production reports and statistics;
  • Permits centralized production for several stores.

Scanner and Bar Codes

  • A scanner and bar codes are used throughout the process to monitor production;
  • The supplier’s package, refilled container and its location in the machine are scanned, to ensure a safe supply;
  • A distinct bar code on every label ensures a secure link with each card prepared by the robot.


  • Servomotors enable the pick-up units to position themselves precisely along all the system’s axes of movement;
  • The units have automatic access to all the containers in the store and the blister cards on the positioning tray.

Pick-Up and Positioning Unit

  • The pipettes use suction to lift and deposit the medications in the blisters;
  • Seven pipettes corresponding to the seven rows in a blister card select the medications from the containers and place them in the appropriate blisters;
  • The pipettes are individually activated to select only the specific medications prescribed for each day;
  • A detection sensor ensures unparalleled accuracy during preparation, respecting the prescription at all times.

Positioning Trays

  • Two removable trays to permit the simultaneous integration of exception drugs that are not in the SynMed® store;
  • Sequential numbering of each blister on the trays to permit the integration of exception drugs guided by the SynMed® Assist software system;
  • Multiple cards grouped on each tray ensure unparalleled productivity.

Medication Containers

  • Up to 572 containers of medication, based on the list of medications provided by the pharmacy;
  • There is the option of having several containers of the same medication;
  • Two container sizes are available, depending on the quantity and size of the tablets (400 cc or 200 cc);
  • Easy access to the SynMed® store for replenishing the containers.

Storage Capacity

  • Between 336 and 572 different oral medications, depending on the configuration chosen.
  • 100% preparation of all solid oral medications, thanks to its large storage capacity and the SynMed®Assist guided system for placing exception drugs;
  • Manages inventory, lot numbers and expiry dates.

Interactive Communication

  • An interface connected to the pharmacy’s management system;
  • Coordination of the tasks to be performed (the selecting, counting and, placement of medications in blisters) according to reception and analysing of the patients’ prescriptions;
  • Unparalleled speed and reliability compared to manual preparation.







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