SynMed® Automation


Significant decrease in labor costs

SynMed® is a state-of-the-art pharmacy automation system for preparing single and multi-dose blister packs. Compatible with over 30 blister card brands and growing.

Grow Safely with SynMed®

SynMed® is an automated system for preparing and dispensing solid oral medications in blister cards.

We provide pharmacy automation solutions for independent pharmacies, long-term care facilities,

and central fill operations globally.

Independent Pharmacies

Once an independent pharmacy’s weekly fills reach a certain number, automation is the natural next step to allow for a higher-level of patient service and interaction.

Long-term care Pharmacies

More and more, LTCs are turning to closed-door pharmacies with automation capabilities that serve the LTC community exclusively.

Central Fill Operations

The SynMed® ULTRA is the centerpiece of numerous centralized blister pack production facilities and there is no comparable technology.

SynMed® XF
SynMed® Ultra
Synmed® Assist

SynMed® XF Automated Adherence Solution

Grow safely with SynMed®, automated multi-dose blister card medication preparation

Based on sound robotics concepts and a healthy dose of creativity, the popular SynMed® XF was developed over four years and launched on the market in 2008. Our original pharmacy automation solution, the SynMed® XF uses a patented pick and place technology to fill blister packs with proven accuracy and efficiency.

Ultra-High Capacity Blister Card Production

Introducing SynMed® Ultra: SynMed®’s proven technology, now with an enhanced option for high volume environments

The SynMed® ULTRA combines our proven pharmacy automation technology with an enhanced option for high-volume environments. Pharmacies that choose the SynMed® ULTRA enjoy the use of our proprietary technology, our unique, customizable adherence labeling system, enhanced flexibility with single dose and multi-dose blister card options, advanced reporting features, and unparalleled service and support.

SynMed Assist

Flexibility | Accuracy | Efficiency

SynMed® Assist is a production guidance system for single and multi-dose blister cards that can be used for more accurate and efficient manual production or for the secure placement of exception meds when using SynMed® automation. With SynMed® Assist, pharmacies can easily migrate to full automation when the time is right.


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