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Our Clients

A SynMed system is an excellent choice for improving workflow, reducing error rates, and increasing efficiency and productivity in a variety of pharmacy environments. Our technology is utilized by over 700 pharmacies globally that fall in three main categories: Independent Pharmacies, Long-Term Care Pharmacies, and Central Fill Pharmacies.

SynMed Reviews

Independent Pharmacies

Locally owned and operated pharmacies offering a more robust selection of medications than big box pharmacies greatly benefit from the use of automation as they grow. If you’re this type of business, click below to learn more.

Long-Term Care Pharmacies

LTC facilities face unique challenges with medication preparation, administration, and adherence. Click below to learn more about how SynMed can benefit pharmacies servicing this type of environment.

Day Lewis Pharmacy

Central Fill Operations

The SynMed ULTRA is an excellent solution for pharmacy chains who want the benefits of high-volume automation without the cost of robotics in each individual location.

Find out how we can provide solutions to Long-Term Care Pharmacies, Central Fill Operations, and Independent Pharmacies