Central Fill Operations

Day Lewis Pharmacy

SynMed systems power numerous pharmacies that have centralized their blister card production service (central fill operations) in North America and Europe. Designed with central fill operations in mind, the SynMed ULTRA is the centrepiece of numerous centralized blister card production facilities and there is no comparable technology.

Key Benefits

Improve Efficiency and Precision

Improve efficiency and precision of blister card production for pharmacies that don’t have enough volume to justify automation purchase. This will:

  • Free up staff for tasks that improve customer experience and add value.
  • Reduce stress at store level, i.e. production deadlines, having sufficient staff.
  • Provide better use of space – stores only need room for storage and a small space for changes.

Develop Expertise and Standardized Work Methods

Develop expertise and standardized work methods resulting in:

  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Better productivity


  • Unlimited adherence card growth potential – with minimal staffing and manual production considerations
  • Overcome lack of skilled labour to produce cards in more remote locations

The SynMed ULTRA in Action

Experience a virtual tour.

Click on a point in the virtual tour environment to navigate the space and see SynMed installed in a real pharmacy environment.

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