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Will Pharmacy Automation Replace Staff?

At Synergy Medical, we design, manufacture, and sell robotic pharmacy automation systems for preparing and dispensing solid oral medications in blister card formats. Pharmacy automation, in general, has been around since the 1990s and is steadily increasing in adoption globally.

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The Best Multi-Dose Blister Card Manufacturers

At SynMed, one of the things we hear frequently from our customers is that they love our blister card compatibility capabilities. Not all pharmacy automation systems are created equal and are often limited in terms of what types of packaging you can use with your system. With SynMed, many options are available to you, …

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Taking Blister-Cards to Task: SynMed Saves the Day for Seniors Isolated by COVID-19

For a substantial number of seniors, the onset of the Coronavirus has magnified the sense of isolation that had already been widely prevalent in skilled/unskilled healthcare facilities, assisted living residences, and retirement communities. Now, with greater restrictions on who can see them and when, there predictably has been a dramatically negative impact on their emotional health.

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