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36% of the elderly regularly take at least 5 drugs1 , and almost 20% take 10 or more 2. However, the greater the number of drugs taken, the greater the risk of non-adherence to treatment. To help patients follow their treatment(s) correctly, drugs can be dispensed in multi-dose blister cards. In fact, one study showed an increase in treatment compliance, from 61% to 96%, when blister cards were used. 3 Thanks to SynMed technology, it’s easier than ever to offer this drug administration aid solution!

1. What is SynMed?

It’s an automated dispensing system for oral solid drugs in single- and multi-dose blister cards. Thanks to its patented pick-and-place technology, SynMed accurately selects and dispenses oral solids into blister cards.

Automated blister card filling mode

2. What solutions exist?

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  • 1001+ patients;
  • 508 internal RFID containers & an unlimited number of external containers;
  • No downtime for replenishment;
  • Up to 95 multidose cards per hour;
  • Footprint: ≈ 196 square feet.
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  • 151 – 1000 patients ;
  • 400 internal containers;
  • Up to 45 multidose cards per hour;
  • Footprint: ≈ 140 square feet.
SynMed Assist
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USED WITH ALL SYNMED AUTOMATION SYSTEMS to safely position exception drugs by hand, prior to system production.

OR USED AS AN INDEPENDENT SOLUTION to secure the production of small volumes of blister cards.

3. Why automate your pharmacy with this technology?



  • Compatibility with +30 single-dose and multi-dose cards & growing;
  • Interfaces with pharmacy management and eMAR systems;
  • On-site calibration in minutes – well adapted to the reality of supplier changes and/or stock-outs;
  • Exclusive customizable labels.


  • 5:1 One SynMed XF operator can produce as many blister cards as 5 technicians filling by hand;
  • 7:1 Two SynMed ULTRA operators can produce as many blister cards as 14 technicians filling by hand;
  • Improved loyalty and retention of existing customers thanks to unique compliance labels and convenient blister card packaging.
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