Automating blister card production has many advantages. In particular, it reduces errors, improves patient safety, boosts productivity and frees up pharmacy staff time. Despite its many advantages, some pharmacies do not have sufficient volume to make the acquisition of a system profitable. For those pharmacies, it is still possible to take advantage of the benefits of automation! All you need to do is call on a central fill facility.

Central Fill

What Is A Central Fill Facility?

These facilities are focused purely on high volume packaging of prescribed drugs. In other words, they allow pharmacies to outsource packaging processes. 

What Are The Advantages Of Working With A Central Fill Facility?

Working with a central fill means enjoying the benefits of automation, even if you can’t install automation in your pharmacy.

You can enjoy peace of mind thanks to the reduced risk of error. For example, there is a known 5 to 10% error rate with the manual filling of blister packs. Outsourcing blister pack production to a central fill using SynMed technology will remove that factor.

Using central fill services will also reduce the stress on your staff by reducing their load and allowing them to focus on more value add tasks.

Given that a central fill is focused on high volume production using automation, they put out a reliable, consistent product with quick turnaround times.

The financial advantage is clear: The cost to fill using a central fill is up to 40% less vs. manual production.

Moreover, you’ll increase your production capacity. This will enable you to accept new patients / contracts without adding labour, thereby growing your business profitably.

Why Choose A Central Fill Facility Using SynMed Technology?

SynMed systems have an unparalleled accuracy of 99.98% ensuring patient safety. SynMed technology can also be used to generate unique personalised labels:

  • The label header will include a description of the contents of the blister card, highlighting the controlled substances, and will also include images of the drugs in the blister card. A photo of the patient can be displayed to assist with secure administration.
Central Fill_SynMed Label_Front
  • Different contents can be printed on each blister. For example:
Central Fill_SynMed Label_Back_Blisters
  • On the back, the header will include a description of the contents of the blister card, with controlled substances highlighted. The various markers make verification much quicker.
Central Fill_SynMed Labels_Back_Top

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