ULTRA-High Capacity Blister Card Production

Introducing SynMed® Ultra: SynMed®’s proven technology, now with an enhanced option for high volume environments

  • Proven accuracy of SynMed®’s proprietary technology
  • SynMed®’s unique, customizable adherence label
  • SynMed®’s flexibility with single dose and multi-dose card options
  • SynMed®’s advanced reporting features
  • Synergy Medical’s unparalleled service and support


Machine Ultra Fast

Ultra Fast

SynMed® Ultra is the most efficient blister pack automation on the market.

Production speeds:

  • 180 single dose cards/hour, or 3 cards per minute
  • 90 multi-dose* cards/hour, or 1.5 cards per minute
  • No downtime for replenishment
“Typically, a technician will manually prepare 6 multi-dose cards per hour; it would take 17 full-time technicians to produce the same output as 2 full time technicians operating the Ultra.”

* Assuming an average of 7 Rx per patient

Machine ultra precise

Ultra Precise

Unparalleled precision allowing for safe scalability.

  • Tried and tested pick and place technology
  • Robotic precision, free of errors
  • High res image of each medication printed on the label
  • Any meds positioned manually, e.g. half tabs, indicated on the label
  • Number of meds contained in each blister indicated on the label**

** Dependent on card model selected

Machine Ultra Flex

Ultra Flexible

Made to fit YOUR needs.

  • Blister card model of your choice, 30+ and growing
    • Address different patient groups
    • Contain costs
  • Single dose & Multi-dose
  • 2 picking units have ability to fill different cards simultaneously
  • 508 internal RFID containers, unlimited external containers
  • On site calibration in minutes – well adapted for generic changes, stock outs
  • Small footprint: 62 x 57.5 x 82.5 inches
Machine Ultra Clean

Ultra Clean

The only solution that offers this level of safety and convenience.

  • No common chute
  • No medication residue
  • No daily maintenance


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SynMed® Ultra offers 3 times the capacity, with only 1.5 times the footprint of the SynMed® XF.

  • 300+ SynMed® XF robots installed in the past 10 years
  • Expertise in setting-up & successfully running centralized blister pack production facilities
“Our close connection with our clients’ operations and their evolution is what led to the development of the SynMed® Ultra.”
Jean Boutin, President & Founder


Offer a secure and efficient distribution service for smaller volume stores

  • Free up staff for tasks that improve customer experience and add value
  • Reduce reliance on manpower and human error
  • Reduce stress at store level, i.e. production deadlines, having sufficient staff
  • Better use of space

Gain a competitive advantage:

  • Provide safe, customized packaging for a growing clientele that needs support at home and in nursing homes/long term care facilities
  • Promote adherence

Develop expertise and standardised work methods

  • Better consistency, accuracy and better productivity

Significantly reduce Production and Verification Costs

SynMed® Ultra in Action

Layout Diagram

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