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Communiqué de presse: Lancement de la SynMedMD Ultra

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How has automation, and implementing SynMed systems, contributed to Rubicon’s growth?
Computer Talk, Juillet/Août 2016


The Adherence Advantage: SynMed Automation Gives Flexibility in Multidose Dispensing
Computer Talk – Exclusive Web Content


“…medication adherence increased from 61.2% to 96.9% with medications custom packaged in blister packs…”
JAMA Study/Novembre 2006


« Pharmacy Growth Plan Embraces Automation »
Computer Talk, Septembre/Octobre 2014


Pharmacy Automation in Retail Pharmacies: Assessing the right reasons, the right time, and the right extent to automate
Efficiency Through Technology White Paper/Mars 2013


The $289 Billion Cost of Medication Noncompliance, and What to Do About It
The Atlantic/Septembre 2012


Strategies to improve Drug Adherence
European Heart Journal, 2011


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Next Generation Pharmacy Automation – The SynMed® System allows one Technician to safely prepare medication for 1,000 Blister Packs per week


Pharmacy Show – NEC Birmingham/Septembre 2016

Next generation Pharmacy Automation System


Samedan Ltd – Pharmaceutical publishers/Juillet 2016

Dara O’Malley – Propriétaire Pharmacie Omnicare à Édimbourg – « We wanted to invest in a medication dispensing system that would reduce the labour burden and dispensing error risk »


Pharma Integrates 2016 – Shaping Pharma’s future/Août 2016

…The pharmacy automation system can dispense 400 different types of medication…


P3 Magazine – Pharmacy Management & Business in Practice/Septembre2016